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Portia Franklin, LCSW
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Individual Psychotherapy

Photo of single flower floating on waterIndividual psychotherapy provides an opportunity to share your experiences and work through deep feelings with the support of a skillful, respectful and caring professional. In this collaborative journey we work together to help you find the resources within you to resolve any issues that are getting in the way of living well and attaining your goals. The process opens the door to a more positive relationship with yourself, more genuine connections with others and, in general, a more authentic, meaningful, and satisfying life.

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

AEDP is a transformation-based, healing-oriented model of therapy. It has roots in and resonances with many disciplines, including attachment theory, affective neuroscience, body-focused approaches, and transformational studies.
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Couples Therapy

Photo of a couple embracingIf you and your partner find yourself in a troubled relationship, couple therapy can provide a collaborative space in which to discover the deep underlying emotions that may have gone unrecognized and unexpressed between the two of you as well as to enhance your capacity to communicate with one another openly, honestly, and skillfully.   It is an opportunity to learn to share feelings in a heartfelt way, so that you can rebuild intimacy and co-create a relationship that is mutually fulfilling and supports the growth of each member of the couple.

Psychomotor Therapy (PBSP) – individual sessions and group workshops

Psychomotor Therapy or, PBSP, is an experiential form of therapy that integrates body and mind in a safe and respectful way.  The work helps people identify and symbolically meet emotional needs from childhood.  The human psyche responds powerfully—and immediately—to the effect of the therapeutic session or “structure”, in which each individual creates a healing symbolic memory with the assistance of the therapist and/or the group.

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