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About Psychomotor Therapy (PBSP)
Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) is a mind-body therapy which helps people identify and symbolically meet emotional needs from childhood. The human psyche responds powerfully—and immediately—to the effect of the therapeutic session or “structure”, in which each individual creates a healing symbolic memory with the assistance of the therapist and group. This approach can also be effective in individual sessions.

For a better understanding of PBSP please read the article It’s Never Too Late to Have a Wonderful Childhood:  Healing Early Trauma with Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP).
Comments about Psychomotor:

“Many traumatic or early painful experiences are difficult to modify with verbal therapies alone...The idea of PBSP is that people can actually work through somatic states and master old hurts in a way that they don’t have to relive them over and over again, but can be open to gratifying new experiences and be freer to pay attention to the present instead of fixating on the past.”Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Director, HRI Trauma Center, Boston, Massachusetts

“Many people who have worked with even the best conventional talk therapy find that they are still plagued with lingering difficulties in the way they respond to crisis, intimacy, opportunities for success and self-care issues.  In a safe, warm and supportive setting, this work makes it possible to get in touch with traumatic memories that are at the root of these difficulties and to create a precise healing experience to address them—It has made all the difference for me.”–A PBSP client

“Psychomotor…lets the body say what speech too often cannot express.”—A PBSP client

“Psychomotor is the best method I have found to enable people to learn to live with themselves, with each other, at peace, with joy and with continuing growth.”— A PBSP client

“Psychomotor is remarkable work. It has helped me to feel more confident as a creative artist and—perhaps more importantly—more at ease with who I am as a human being.”—A PBSP client

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