Integrative Psychotherapy - NM
The Path to Emotional Wellbeing
Welcome to Integrative Psychotherapy!

If you are:
  • feeling emotionally stuck, depressed or anxious,
  • struggling with relationship issues,
  • or the consequences of a trauma,
it’s important to know that help is available and you don’t have to solve it alone.

Psychotherapy that integrates body and mind and is conducted with care and respect can help you move beyond depression and anxiety to release the creative energy, optimism and hope necessary to reach your most important personal and professional goals.
Portia Franklin, LCSW has extensive training in insight-oriented, mind-body, and mindful approaches to psychotherapy.  She has more than 20 years experience helping people overcome emotional and relational difficulties, so they can lead more authentic and fulfilling lives.
For more information or to schedule an appointment email or call 917-544-0723.
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